zindagi gulzar hai episode 24 full

This drama got 9 awards at the 2nd Hum Awards, 3 awards at the 4th Pakistan Media Awards and 2 awards at the 13th Lux Style Awards.
After initially rejecting his proposal, the two agree to meet at Abrar's house, where Zaroon prevents Kashaf from getting html codes list all scalded by hot tea.Reception edit Television Rating Points (TRPs) edit Zindagi Gulzar Hai started off very well than averaging.4 TRPs but after the climax episode.e.Awards and Accolades edit References edit External links edit.Both Zaroon and Kashaf apply for, and get admitted to the Pakistan's Central Superior Services, where they renew their contact.Many say that it will make a new record when its last episode will air.7, ratings increased dramatically averaging and topping the charts every week.And when Zaroon gets to know that they are having twin daughters, he flies the same night to meet with her and they reconcile.Kashaf, her eldest daughter, gets a scholarship to a prestigious university, where she meets Zaroon, who comes from a rich family.Moomal Productions, which was broadcast on, hum.Thinking that Zaroon is having a romantic affair with Asmara, she leaves his house and returns to her mother's home.
After the wedding Zaroon also establishes good rapport with Kashaf's family.
Zaroon states many times that his ideal wife would have qualities found in Kashaf.

They reconcile when they find that Kashaf is pregnant.Currently it holds 4 star rating.Zaroon and Kashaf eventually start getting to know one another.The role of Sanam Saeed was appreciated by critics.However, later Zaroon tries to patch up with her but his attempts are repeatedly rebuffed Zaroon's family consists of his laid-back and patient father, Junaid ( Javed Sheikh ) and independent working mother, Ghazala Junaid ( Hina Khawaja Bayat ) and his sister Sara (.Arab countries, Hum TV on March 2014 in Europe, and.Rafia had separated from her husband, Murtaza, ( Waseem Abbas ) because she did not give birth to a son.As a result, he married another woman, who did eventually give birth to his son Hamad.Zaroon confesses to him that he wants to marry Kashaf and asks him to talk to Kashaf on his behalf.
However, they initially don't get along with each other.