you play to win the game

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Edwards' team was in a bad way, a season was going down the drain, and it was up to the coach to deliver a message.
His relationship with the media was always really good, and very open.Dwight Howard opens up about 'hell' that was Orlando.When you lose, people start assuming they quit.It's not an option.I think not - it would have been a one-time thing.Edwards and Battista still converse quite frequently, and the former coach is still a compelling source of football information.If they are not professional, Edwards said, 'coaches, players, management, anybody, then they need to go somewhere else.'.Because as you know, he does the whole analyst thing, so he's really up on the game. .Don't even think about."To their credit, they always tried to educate us on football.Wizards' Digital Marketing Asset Policy.
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They know they've got no choice.

On October 30, 2002, New York Jets head coach Herman Edwards took the podium for his usual mid-week press conference gold hack runes of magic with the media, perhaps unaware that he was about to unleash the soundbite that would forever define him.Honestly, I don't even remember what the next question was; I just remember that the press conference wound up, and we all said, 'Okay - I guess we have our story today!They know who their coach.How could you expect that?Despite what the tone of the" may have some thinking, Battista told me that Edwards always got along well with the media covering the Jets, and went out of his way to make their jobs easier."Exactly - where it was clear that he was coming in with a predetermined message."You have an obligation as a player - as an athlete at any level - and it doesn't matter what sport.Battista remembers no specific response from her colleagues after the presser, but she recalled that Edwards did receive a bit of fallout from his most important boss.I don't need to relay it to them.It's called being a professional.This team ain't doing that.
When you sign on, you sign.