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At this point you dell server update utility 7 do not have the proper start button, so just choose Aero.
I went with the classic Windows XP Luna Blue theme, but you can choose another and still achieve a classic look.
Plus sometimes its fun to do this kind of stuff just because you can.After installing, just open the settings and choose classic style.So lets share the themes without wasting time: Windows XP "Luna" Theme for Windows.The theme you just installed should be available.Note that installing these themes requires a bit of file hacking details are here.In chrome you can apply this theme, to achieve the same effect.You can also adjust many options from the various tabs, so feel free to have a look.
This can be accomplished using a program called.

Download Windows XP "Luna "Royale Blue" and "Zune" Remix Themes for Windows.Next, under the skin tab, choose a theme from the drop down menu.It was created by Microsoft to promote its Zune player.You can also mimic this look in Thunderbird by downloading the Office 2013 theme found here.At the site choose either Windows 8 or 7 depending on which version you are running.If you also like Windows XP themes, you should definitely give a try to the above mentioned themes.Next, choose from the available themes.Also check out following Windows 8 Metro style Luna theme for Windows 7: Download Windows 8 Metro UI Inspired Windows XP "Luna" Theme for Windows.Download an XP Theme, the best theme I could find is available.Themes and Wallpapers section.Posted in: Themes Wallpapers, Windows 7 Share this article: Facebook Twitter Google Reddit Tell a friend Advertisements.
From left to right, the options I choose were standard window menu, Hovering shows list, and Dont group.