winter gardening ideas for window boxes

Spillers are trailing plants that tumble over the sides of the window box.
Dot white crocus bulbs in gaps to give the display a lift in spring.
Since plants in window boxes are more exposed than plants growing in the ground, look for plants rated 1 to 2 hardiness zones colder than the zone you live.Plant combinations, the best way of coming up with a plant combination is to head to the garden centre, pick a centrepiece for the container then take plants from the shelves to see what looks good together.Carex buchananii, Carex flagellifera or, carex elata 'Aurea'.When youre happy with the display, fill the gaps with more compost, leaving a 5cm gap between the surface and the lip of the pot.Dwarf evergreens are great for containers or you can use small plants and move them into your garden in the spring.Next, find a spot that can accommodate the weight of your box when its filled with plants, dirt and water.What to grow, theres no shortage of plants that can be grown in pots over autumn and winter.Comments, copyright 2017, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.Be creative when it comes to choosing plants that will might and magic duel of champions codes 2015 overwinter in your region.Copyright 2017, Meredith Corporation.
Paperwhites and grape muscari will help your box transition into spring.
You may want to install your box before filling.

For best results, plant your window box before the coldest weather arrives so your plants have time to get established; avoid choosing anything tall or wide enough to block your view.If its going to sit on a ledge, put a couple of bricks under it to raise it slightly.Yuletide Windowboxes, christmas tip-toes.Pansies are generally hardy to zone 4 and rebloom in winter in zones 7 and higher, while violas are hardy in zones 3.Drape the plants with a string of miniature outdoor lights, or stick in some interesting twigs, berry branches or attractive seedpods.Try junipers, arborvitae, False cypress, Japanese yew, spruces, flowering heaths and heathers and boxwoods.If desired, dress up your window box with accessories.A window box filled with hardy plants can brighten the dreary view until spring.Explore related topics, winter Window Boxes 50 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations for 2017.Make sure theres some air circulation around the box and that it doesnt rest directly against your house, where repeated waterings might cause damage.
When you visit your garden center or nursery, read the tags on your plants before you buy to make sure theyre hardy enough to survive until spring.
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens' can be used in the same way.