windows server 2012 essentials trial period

If you are performing an unattended installation, connect the removable media (such as a floppy disk or a USB flash drive) that contains your answer files.
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Before You Install Windows Server 2012 Essentials.The Updating and preparing your server page displays the progress of the final installation process.07:36:11, Info IBS SelectImageFromEICfg: Searching for g file at E:g 07:36:11, Info IBS SelectImageFromEICfg: There was no g found at the expected location.Set up Server Backup Click this task to view brief information about using Server Backup to protect your data.I have never come across a system that could not convert from trial or evaluation to production before.Lecaro 07:36:09, Info UI search directory is E:Sources.After you delete the system partition, create a new partition by using the instructions in either step b or step.It is recommended that you create two partitions on your operating system disk, and not use the C: (system partition) to store any business data.Turn on your computer, and then insert the Windows Server 2012 Essentials DVD into the DVD drive.For example, if you use the recommended partition size of 120 gigabytes (GB type 122880, and then click Apply.On the Choose server installation mode page, do one of the following: Choose Clean install to set up a full new installation of the Windows Server 2012 Essentials server software.
Note After you click Drive options (advanced), that option will not appear again.
Read the, license terms.

For more information, see Set up or customize server backup.A link to run the Add a Folder Wizard is provided.If the time zone settings differ, the server installation might not succeed.Obtain the device driver from the manufacturer and save it to removable media (such as a floppy disk or a USB flash drive).If you need to delete and/or create partitions, refer to the following steps: To delete a partition, select the partition, click Drive options (advanced), and then click Delete.To install the operating system, connect your computer to your network with a network cable.Important The server name must be a unique name on your network.Add server folders Click this task to view brief information about adding citrix xenserver 5.6 iso server folders.Before you begin the installation, review and complete the tasks that are described.
If you choose not to perform the tasks, users might not have access to some network features.