windows 8 metro ui 1024x600

How do I run cmd as admin?
It turns out that when set to game mario 3 nes resolutions under 104768 (the minimum required resolution for Windows 8 Metro apps, as seen above, dont like to open.
I'll go back to reading the tutorial to see what happens.
I'm signed in under may admin account but when I run cmd, then I get a msg about needing to be an admin.Heck, I'd manage to make the system not boot up at all before I corrected my foolishness.One case where this could occur is when people are virtualizing Windows.After all, even if your computers display is a window that is approaching 1024768 will take up a good chunk of your desktop real estate.By increasing the resolution the applications should open with no problems at all.Is there a way to force Windows 8 Metro apps to run in lower resolutions?
Of course youll either need hardware that supports high resolutions or youll need to set Windows so that it lets the desktop extend past the boundaries of your display (this crash bandicoot game ps1 is easy to do if your hardware supports it).

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In the meantime, tho I got over ambitious with the registry hack and had to go get my win 7 sys repair disc so that I could perform an offline edit of the win 8 registry to undo my registry handiwork.I have installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my Samsung NB30 netbook.OK guys, now that you've marked this as solved, do I need to post the admin question somewhere else.I was very excited to try it on this little box cause it has a touchscreen and Windows 8 is supposed to be optimized for touchscreen devices.What am I doing wrong?Is there a solution to this problem?If youve been playing with the.This app can't open.