windows 7 xp mode password

Next time, I'll remember the password.
1) Edit the settings of the VM, and change the close behavior to "Shutdown" (only required if your VM isn't shut down currently).
That should. .So, I used a random dark orbit hack v3 01 password generator and just created some random password. .There is a fix however! .I figured, awesome, it's going to remember it for me! .2) Open your VM, and if you can click on the Shutdown button at the login window, do so - pick Restart.I was able full tycoon pc games to recover my apparently lost cause by doing the usual steps you should take if you had forgotten your account password.
7) Reboot once again (don't forget to change the settings for the VM back to Hibernate).
If you've forgotten this password - you're going to have to use special programs to recover the password which I won't cover here.

Unfortunately, I was put in to a severely false sense of "security" when I noticed the nice checkbox saying that it would remember the credentials for me when I was first typing in the password for the xpmuser account during the XP Mode setup. .I verified that the Credential Manager does have an entry for the xpmuser, however for some reason or another, it is not being auto-entered when I start up the.4) Pick the first choice - Safe Mode.5) At the login screen, type in Administrator for the username, no password - you will log in unless you purposefully somehow set a password on the Administrator account. .C:Program FilesWindows XP ModeWindows XP Mode base.They should *really* tell you to pick a password you will remember.I too just ran in to the problem of the Credential Manager somehow not working with XP Mode. .6) Once logged in, go to the Control Panel and select Users Groups. .I figured I would never need to know it since it would remember it for me! .If you do it right, you should get the usual Safe Mode boot choices.