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Situated virtually at every site, both internally and externally, it is crucial for providing strength, elasticity and metabolic support for all other tissues.
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The best example of keratinized SSE is the epidermis of the skin.Epithelium is present almost everywhere in the human body; it covers body surfaces, it lines internal cavities and tubes, forms the parenchyma of glands and can function as sense receptors.They appear as large and ovoid, with a spherical nucleus.This is considered a special type of apoptosis because the typical cellular fragmentation is replaced by keratin accumulation.The basal layer is attached to the basement membrane, a sheet of extracellular matrix proteins.Extracellular matrix component Ground substance Ground substance is a clear and viscous gel with a high water content.H., Pawlina W : Histology: A text and atlas: With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology, 6th edition, metabones speed booster alternatives Lippincott Williams Wilkins Young., Woodford., ODowd G : Wheaters Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas, 6th edition, Churchill Livingstone Elsevier Mescher Anthony L : Junqueiras.Learn all about the histology of the lower digestive tract now at Kenhub.Squamous cells have a width greater than the height and contain an ovoid, centered nucleus.All of these characteristics give LTC a delicate and flexible consistency that is not very resistant to stress.

The enzyme lysyl hydroxylase polymerises the monomers within the ECM.Elastic fibers The flexibility of LCT is also due to elastic fibers, not just due to the high content of ground substance.The prevalence and location of epithelium reflects its principal functions: Coverage.At the end of the process, they are replaced by stronger type I collagen fibers.Their plasma membrane is also thickened and their pH ranges between.5.In the epidermis, keratinisation happens continuously.It is present on almost every part of the human body, hence it has several important functions.This movement can be either facilitated or inhibited by the epithelium, making it a selective barrier.This article will describe stratified (multi-layered) epithelium, focusing on its general characteristics and each major sub-type.Keratinocytes also synthesize cytokeratins (intermediate filaments) that subsequently aggregated into tonofibrils.At this stage, they are known as keratin squames.
This pigment gives the skin its characteristic colour and protects against ultraviolet radiation.
To perform their main function adequately, stratified epithelium is also quite thick, making it particularly poor for secretion or absorption.