weapons of war game

Sawed-Off Shotgun The Sawed-off Double Barreled Shotgun also makes its debut in Gears of War.
If there are 10 or more Red Gems on the board, deal 8 Bonus damage.(Boost Ratio 2:1) Slay Bells ( Legendary Weapon ) Slay Bells (Mana Cost:13 Red Green, Only obtained aliens versus predator classic 2000 steam multiplayer from special events) Deal 2Magic damage to an enemy and a random enemy.Silent Night ( Epic Weapon ) Silent Night (Mana Cost:12 Purple, Only obtained from special events) Deal 4Magic damage to the last enemy, and Silence them.Sands of Time ( Legendary Weapon ) Sands of Time (Mana Cost:12 Red Purple, Only obtained from special events) Restore 5Magic Life to all allies.Create 6 Skulls if an enemy dies.Dragon Slayer ( Epic Weapon ) Dragon Slayer (Mana Cost:10 Yellow, Unlocks at Air Mastery 27) Deal 5Magic damage to a random enemy.Frozen Soul ( Epic Weapon ) Frozen Soul (Mana Cost:12 Yellow, Unlocks at Air Mastery 24) Deal 4 damage to an enemy, and remove all Red Gems to Boost damage.Steal 1 Magic from the enemy.Shadowbringer ( Epic Weapon ) Shadowbringer (Mana Cost:11 Blue, Unlocks at Water Mastery 20) Deal 3Magic damage to the last enemy, and remove all Purple Gems to Boost damage.Crude Club (Mana Cost:4, red, Unlocks at, fire, mastery 0).Silver Sword ( Rare Weapon ) Silver Sword (Mana Cost:7 Brown, Unlocks at Earth Mastery 6) Deal 3Magic damage to the first enemy.If the weapon is used correctly, you office 365 outlook email forwarding can take out up to 4 enemies with a single shell; however it must be reloaded after each shot.It is a single-shot grenade launcher, equipped with a magazine that can carry one grenade, but the maximum number of grenades you can hold.Gain 1Magic Life and drain the enemys Mana.The range of the ink cloud released by this grenade is 10-yard radius.

Gears of War fans, who wish to find out whats the best weapon (gun) in Gears of War.Manufactured by COG, the Vulcan Cannon is a fully-automatic two-man gatling gun.Phylactery ( Legendary Weapon ) Phylactery (Mana Cost:14 Blue Purple, Unlocks at Water Magic Mastery 40) Restore your Life to full.Frost Reaver ( Epic Weapon ) Frost Reaver (Mana Cost:11 Red, Only obtained from special events) Destroy a Column.The Digger Launcher fires a small creature called digger, which goes underground and seeks its target, and then it explodes causing massive damage.Spiders Kiss ( Legendary Weapon ) Spiders Kiss (Mana Cost:14 Purple, Only obtained from special events) Entangle the first enemy, and deal 2Magic true damage.Black Manacles ( Legendary Weapon ) Black Manacles (Mana Cost:15 Purple Brown, Unlocks at Magic Earth Mastery 40) Deal 0Magic damage to all enemies.
Celestial Staff ( Ultra Rare Weapon ) Celestial Staff (Mana Cost:10 Yellow, Only obtained from special events) Deal 4Magic damage randomly split among enemies.