visual basic net 2012 express edition

I am pretty much Computer Info'ed out so I may not be making anymore computer performance info data examples.
August 5th 08 - A basic.NET 05/08 example has been added on how to get some lower level volume information about a hard drive or other disk drive.
The resolution is only about 15/16ms.Click the 7 sin game for pc Start Visual Studio button at the bottom and you'll see this screen appear.I actually used the Express edition.I use the Webclient class and more specificially the wnloadFileAsync subroutine.February 8th 08 - The example on how to Clear All Textboxes, Manipulate or Set properties for all conrols on a form has been updated.The GetTickCount timer/counter supports about 15 ms resolutions, while the timeGetTime counter/timer supports up to 1 millisecond resolutions.The example is located under: Visual T - Examples page under the VB 2005/2008/2010 section called: Check If OS is 32 Bit or 64 Bit.
Then the tool will save the edited project.vbproj file with the changes you made.
Check out the example or the screenshot to see what all is available.

I may include a example for VB 6 in the future though.Since many computers these days are running AMD Athlon X2's and Intel Core2's you may want to set which core you want the process to run.Please do not do anything with this code here that you wouldn't want someone to do to yours.3rd party tools also the same.You agree NOT to steal or take any of the code with the intent of claiming it to be yours.You can send multiple email views which will allow the email provider to decide which view to show to the user.
This timer will usually use.6 Mhz clock on the motherboard for timing but sometimes it could use your processors rdtsc counter.