virtual disk service stopped windows 2008 r2

So i think this is the problem.
Every 2 or 3 days we need to restart the VM server due to the fact that VD Service is inaccessible.
Click, start, click, run, type regedit, and then click,.There is one post on accounts syllabus for cbse 12th class 2013 SE related to this and I tried the suggested answer but I am still having problems.Hi Everyone, environment : Server 2008 VM, fully updated which,esides on a Server 2008 Hyper V Server - Fully updated.But then i checked the event-log on the fileserver and saw, that in 4 cases the "Virtual Disk Service" has stopped at nearly the same time as backup exec gets the error.Here are the steps I have taken: Ran sfc /scannow, set all of the drives to be dirty and rebooted so that they would be scanned.Name the new value.
Both servers (file server and backup server) were reachable during the whole time.

Based on the experience, if there is something wrong with the physical disks that are attached on a Windows Server 2008 R2, the VDS could be failed to connect to the disks.Please see attached error.Checked for Windows updates (none).The problems are occuring on multiple VMs that are on different physical hosts.We have several relatively recent (less than 1 week) installations of Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise that are getting this error whenever we open Disk Management.We have run chkdsk on both the VM and the Hyper V server, no problem with the disks whatsoever.
We're experiencing a problem with one of our client servers.
The windows firewall was turned off and the service disabled.