unix users currently logged in

Feels like it should be simple, but I'm having trouble coming up with the code for this.
Sort list of currently logged in users and display one line containing the userid that sorts last?
For a list of usernames currently logged in, presented in a condensed, single-line format, enter: users.In Unix, what is screen, and how do I use it?For extensive information, including username, terminal, IP number of the source computer, the time the login began, any idle time, process CPU cycles, job CPU cycles, and the currently running command, enter:.The other data such as the date and stuff I expect to be included the above shorthand is just an example.Instead of the above "list" I just want the list sorted and only have the last "sorted" item displayed so like: user pts/0, this is assuming that is the last line.Question is in the title.How can I remove this user?In Unix, what is the man command, and how do I use it to read manual pages?When trying to remove the user, it returns "user is currently logged in".Sample for clarification: user tty2 user pts/0, sort the list generated by the who command so that the only line being displayed is the last line sorted.Actually I think I just figured this out.I already killed the user using pkill -kill -u usernameHere and several other commands, but it does not help.I mean it is not telling who is logged in using this domain.Who sort tail -n.At the Unix prompt, enter any of the following: man users man finger man who man.
I imagine the code would start off like this: who sort, i hope this is not too confusing naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 mods of an explanation.
Here IS whaid: grep hostname /etc/hosts results: gator loghost, the Problem is how will I combine the who command as in the question?

Please tell according to it using the grep command and use.For more information, including each login of a username, the terminal users are attached to, the date and time that login began, and possibly the computer from which they are making the connection, enter: who.You can use any one of several.In Unix, how do I kill another login session remotely?You can feed this information to the grep command, to only display strings that contain the ".You can then further feed this output to the wc command, which can be used in such a way to just count lines of output.Question: Write a C shell script called countkpu which determines how many of the currently logged in users are logged in from a computer on the domain.For example, here is the question.In Unix, how do I see if my friends or colleagues are logged into the same Unix machine as I am?
To do this, note the who command will show each user who is logged in along with identification of their computer.
Each command yields different amounts of information: You can obtain a list of information about current users by entering the finger command with no options: finger.