uninstall mamp pro mac

I also found a previous question on this forum here: Uninstalling mamp PRO from my mac but its over three years old, and again none of the other programs that were installed were referenced.
Throw your Applications/mamp folder in the trash.Which versions of the included software are installed?PHP in the mamp Preferences Panel.On which ports are Apache and MySQL running?Where can I change the ports for Apache and MySQL?Some Content Management Systems are port dependent.What are the system requirements novell client for mac os x for mamp?Set your port numbers back to your previous port numbers.You can change the ports in the mamp application's Preferences Panel: Where should I store my html and PHP pages?Copy back your database and host files to their original locations if needed.Mamp PRO does not change any 2014 beer release schedule configuration files outside its own application directory (except its own files).Mamp PRO is a configuration tool for mamp.Also, none of the other programs that were installed were referenced in this document.To completely remove mamp PRO including all configuration files, please use the Uninstaller, which you can find in the installation image of mamp PRO.Sometimes it is necessary to completely uninstall and reinstall mamp PRO.In order to work properly the mamp folder has to be located in the Applications folder.
You can change the ports at any time under Preferences Ports.

You can find the manuals for the software included in mamp on the hompages of the respective developer or project: Can I activate and deactivate eAccelerator?How should I proceed?You probably have set the Apache port smaller than 1024.When I tried to fire up mamp I saw this message: Warning, the configuration software mamp PRO is installed.We recommend to administer the server windows 8 updateing stuck only via mamp PRO, because a concurrent use of both programs can lead to unexpected results.Write down your Apache, MySQL, and DynDNS port numbers.
Caveat: I'm still realatively new to the Mac and.
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