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Omorr the Unscarred: You are terminated!
A fitting end for a traitor.
is just about as ominous.
Saying yes in Mother 3 has your character stand up and do a pose.Run out of shields in Raptor: Call of the Shadows, you linear control system bs manke pdf are treated to a two-clip cutscene of your fighter crashing and the pilot being slumped forward in the wreck.If you move your mouse over a champion, you will get some quick tips on how to defend yourself against someone,.g.The Conan platform game on the Apple had the unusual (in that genre) feature of displaying a completely different game over screen with variable graphics and text based on what particular hazard caused your final death.Nightmare Troubadour, Game Over could only happen if you lost a Shadow Game, with a" from the person who defeated you appearing.If you were shot, a doctor, who'd make various wisecracks at your expense whilst removing the bullet.In the Groove : "life depleted."Teach Me Ciel-Sensei" in Tsukihime, with Ciel and Neko-Arc giving advice, and in Fate/stay night the "Tiger Dojo" with Tiga and Illya giving the advice.

Secret of Mana : "Sadly, no trace of them was ever found." It's always the same game over message, but it's still rather depressing.Round failed." With a skull in the background if you fail Pandemonium and "round failed 2" if you failed Vertex2 (the hardest songs in the first and second game, respectively).Action Games The FMV-filled version of Demolition Man actually features original footage of Sly Stallone, who comes on whenever you lose and critiques your performance.In single player, that."Your liver!" "Your other foot!" After being killed by the same player three times, they start spouting "domination phrases which vary based on the class they are, and the class they killed.Card Battle Games Driving Games If you drive into the ocean or the river in Midtown Madness, you get the message "Sleep with the fishes!The staff even prepared passwords at the points just before every game over just so Arino can see them for himself in case there was time for.Doom source port ZDoom (and others descended from it, like Skulltag ) introduces Quake -style one-liners for each kind of death.The Big Bad Duumvirate 's hobby seems to be causing this.