tonido server raspberry pi

Everything you need, including the software and additional setup instructions can be found here.
The instructions for getting up and running are very straightforward: sudo mkdir /usr/local/tonido cd /usr/local/tonido sudo wget sudo tar-zxvf tonido.If you want to add a folder for indexing, click Add Folder To Index, select your folder, and then click Next.FileCloud is the business/enterprise edition of Tonido that enables a company to create their own private cloud storage and sync solution.For a single userespecially a self-employed IT pro or a freelancerthis is a great solution for gaining access to your data.Autostarting You'll want to set the Tonido service to autostart at boot.Change into that directory with car racing motion game the command cd /usr/local/tonido and download the necessary file with the command: wget p?tonido64.tar.Tonido turns a desktop into your own personal cloud, making it simple to gain access to your files and folders from the cloud via browser or mobile app.

Get Now, note: Tonido will run on quick heal 2011 keygen Raspbian or Raspbmc.Verify that Tonido is running with the command sudo systemctl status tonido.Gz, now we have to unpack that file with the command: sudo tar xvzf tonido64.tar.The free version limits the sync to.You're in the clouds Your desktop is now cloud-available.You should be greeted with the user creation screen (.Figure D Image: Jack Wallen Accessing Tonido on a OnePlus 3 makes working with the cloud simple.
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