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He makes two mistakes.
In one of the M*A*S*H novels ( M*A*S*H Goes to Morroco a new and rather naive foreign service agent declares that her Arabic training has been inadequate, since she couldn't figure out what a sheikh meant by 'mudden yuri' or 'yumuth erware k7 total security 10 activation code sar mishues'.
18 - Feb 01, 2017Ep.Hence the German phrase "kurz und pr├Ągnant which legions of students have translated to "short and pregnant".His friend Milan Kundera, a Czech expatriate writer living in France, invited him to a fancy Parisian restaurant.A character thinks he can speak Hungarian (or whatever but fails comedically and says something entirely different than what was intended often complete nonsense or something rude.03 - Jan 11, 2017Ep.In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it's revealed in the book "The Long Haul" that Susan Heffley, mother of Rodrick, Greg and Manny, thinks she can speak Spanish, but she can't.In one instance, Bobby wants to impress two Czech models (whose accent is not kamen rider den-o episode 14 sub indo Czech).159 - Aug 17, 2017Ep.Nobody had the heart to correct him.
Spandam: The monkey prunes on the roof at midnight.

That just happen to be the Spy Speak sign/countersign his Identical Stranger was supposed to use, c language software setup leaving him with a microfilm containing state secrets and KGB agents on his tail.What she actually said was, "ahora el pastor me ha hizo embarazada" (translation: "Now the pastor has made me pregnant.His later attempts to learn it go poorly; the first time he actually tries speaking to an elf, he manages to turn a request for directions into an insult against the elf's mother.Better *parties* in *the middle* to be sure.In some versions of the joke, it's the Prime Minister of the Netherlands on a state visit to the United States.This incident results in his falling from grace.In another case from their sister site, a French teacher tries to stump a student by speaking Russian only for the student to tell him he said he was a German warship.
The word "Bicho" gets similar treatment.
116 - Jun 19, 2017Ep.