the vampire diaries season 4 episode 8 link

Elena tells her she is living in a town that doesnt even want her and thats sad.
Luke is standing behind Luke and shows Elena another brown envelope she shakes her head no and he walks away.Elenas ask what he means by he stopped.But when she calls back he answers.Alaric is drinking blood from his flask when he bumps into.Damon put his hand on her shoulder while she cries.Caroline tells her that he hasnt found a spell that can undo a anti border spell per say but the book does mention Travelers which isnt that helpful but at least its a step in the right direction.Caroline tells, him the drugs get Elena all blood lusty and she almost killed a girl.Elena ask what he means like she cant grasp the simple concept.

Elena tells Damon he knows she wants to see him but it makes her reckless.Caroline puts the book down bernhard schlink the reader and says the Sheriff must be sick of her.As the others start running over she tells Matt that there was this girl and she has these teeth and bit her.She ask why in the she should trust Matt.That she hurts people.Alaric tells him its generous for the practice squad to lend him to them.
Where football is more important than her boyfriend being swept off into oblivion.
She doesnt have any.