the unwritten laws of business pdf

Skakoon, 100 pages, published in 1944 (first edition under the name.
A collection of short maxims and meditations, this book speaks with the air of authority and hard-won experience.
This book is pure common sense.
Pay attention to the fact that everyone is paid according to their skills and what they bring.#59: Take it upon yourself to learn what constitutes harassment and discrimination racial, ethnic, sexual, religious and dont tolerate it of yourself, your colleagues, your subordinates and your company.Most people appreciate your sincere interest in their life outside work and their personal difficulties.When your manager asks you to do something, you have two possible responses: 1) do exactly what he asked; 2) meet with him and talk about his request with him.Be clear and precise, give your subordinates clear objectives and tell them what you expect of them, then make sure they do it and help them.Keep that in mind when you define and present your work image.#40: Ensure that all activities and all individuals are supervised by someone who is knowledgeable in the subject involved.In general there is not time to do everything, so do the most important things first (thats exactly the same advice given in GTD ) #27: Cultivate the habit of reducing complicated situations to their most basic components.#10: Be extremely careful as to the accuracy of your statements.Pmba Challenge: Cost of the Book: 10,31 Total Cost of the Project: 106,80 Number of Pages: 100 Total Number of Pages: 1315 Reading Time: 1H30 Time to Write this Article: 3 Total Project Time: 45H30 Buy this book on Amazon : Related.This is an essential quality for the operation of any organization.To be perfectly sure you will do well to consider that all the documents you write will end up in everyones office and be there forever.I greatly lock screen time windows 8.1 appreciated the universal appeal of the rules, even though it is clear they were created by engineers in large companies, they apply to everyone who finds themselves in a group with a project or tasks in common.

#48: Never miss the chance to congratulate or reward a subordinate for a job well done.#7: Avoid giving the appearance of hesitating.#42: Make it absolutely clear what is expected of employees All too often managers avoid direct discussions and reference implicit instructions, general objectives and company policies.Complaining to a supervisor about someones behavior creates a lot of resentment and should only be used as a last resort.So I recommend.Even though it was conceived by an engineer for engineers, the 63 recommended rules go beyond this sector and apply to anyone who ends up working in a team, whether you are at the very bottom or the very top of the ladder.The more you know how to provide relevant information (the signal) rather than trivial details (the noise the more you will be appreciated.
Learn the universal principles behind every successful business, then use these ideas to make more money, get more done, and have more fun in your life and work.
Your opponent will often have ideas on the subject.