the rough guide to indian lounge

Pascal Parisot Nefertiti (4:02).
Caravan Palace Lazy Place.George Sound Soleil Morphine.Pascal Parisot Allons Z'enfants.Le Jour de L'Anniversaire.Throughout the twenty arrondissements (districts) of Paris, when night falls one is likely to enter a café, club or restaurant and encounter a child called it book the ubiquitous sounds of lounge music.Marianne Dissard La Peau Du dota 2 test client Lait (3:14).Féloches sweet and sour songs suggest an unconventional outlook on life and creates a unique blend of electronic music that is simultaneously pop with a swampland exotica unlike anything else.Les Chauds Lapins present French songs of the 1920s to 1940s, an epoch when American jazz and swing were being absorbed into the passionate music popularized by such luminaries as Lucienne Boyer, Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet.15 is an invitation for contemplation, a pure jewel of electronic music that subtly mixes glitches and ticks with minimalist and light harmonies, whilst Örstens, fleur Blanche impresses with its luscious string harmonies and tender piano solos.Son Grand Sourire by, naïm Amor is a wonderful waltz, a song about marriage, divorce and getting drunk.Marianne Dissard Les Draps Sourds (2:45).Marianne Dissard Les Draps Sourds (2:25).

Marianne Dissard Sans-Façon (3:01).Fredda Barry White (3:07).Marianne Dissard Indiana Song (4:00).Caravan Palace Lazy Place (3:59).Marianne Dissard Les Draps Sourds.Caravan Palace Jolie Coquine (3:47).Benjamin Biolay La Superbe.
Pascal Parisot Nefertiti.
Marianne Dissard Le Jour De LAnniversaire (4:43).