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Orestes: Heard ye the dream, to tell it forth aright?
Erst were they royal, sitting on the throne, And loving are they yet,-their common fate Tells the tale truly, shows their trothplight firm.
Clytemnestra: Ay, thro' those tears thine eye looks loyalty.Herald: Thy kings afar, couldst thou fear other men?Clytemnestra: Beware thy mother's vengeful hounds from hell.I cannot guess her thought, but well I ween Such gifts are skilless to atone such crime.Dare I opine these words have truth and life?Orestes and Pylades are conducted to the guest quarters.Orestes: Strong is my hope; my buried sire shall aid.O ye who sit by Zeus' right hand, nor fail Of wisdom set among you and assured, Loved of the well-loved Goddess-Maid!Herald: So that this joy doth brim mine eyes with tears.Clytemnestra: Truce to this bootless waiting here without!Athena: Dishonoured are ye not; turn not, I pray.Bare the weapon as for strife- Aegisthus: Lo!O holy earth and holy tomb Over the grave-pit heaped on high, Where low doth Agamemnon lie, The king of ships, the army's o mar de monstros livro pdf lord!Such the proffered boon.But they shall end in tears.

The importance of Aeschylus in the development of the drama is immense.How fareth Clytemnestra's self?Who with hand upon the hilt himself will thrust with glaive, Thrust and slay and save?Pray not thou for death as though Thine heart was whelmed beneath this woe, Nor turn thy wrath aside to ban The name of Helen, nor recall How she, one bane of many a man, Sent down to death the Danaan lords, To sleep.We are the children of eternal Night, And Furies in the underworld are called.Chorus: Hath some night-vision won thee to belief?Mark ye these wounds from which the heart's blood ran, And by whose hand, bethink ye!There dwelling, from the land restrain The force of fate, the breath of bane, But waft on us the gift and gain Of Victory divine!Cassandra: I, false to him, seemed prophet false to all.A very woman thou, whose heart leaps light At wandering rumours!"-and with words like these They showed me how I strayed, misled of hope.Chorus of Slave Women: singing So be it done- Sister-servants, when draws nigh Time for us aloud to cry Orestes and his victory?