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When you level up, you get experience points you can spend different skills of your own character.
I ended up giving him my leaders Lawson.22 pistol (he happens to be specialized with this weapon) and I bought a Tauron 9mm from the Fuel weapons shop for the leader.
All my character upgrade points went into fighting.When youre defending your base, just make sure that your team is close to each other, and they will sort themselves out.Just move your mouse around and look for shelves, bodies, boxes and everything to scavenge through.The Last Stand: Dead Zone strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you come outlive the infected.There are engineers, scavengers, geologists and convicts.Well those numbers represent how many of those things you can build and have in your compound at once.Alejandro Morales was my second survivor to come to the compound and I made him an engineer.Update, my engineer now has an improvised SMG and this is a zombie slaughtering team!Only 25 fuel made sense to me and has worked very well so far(.Some of these are ones I have found in the game and some are posted by awave studio 10.6 keygen other people and I just grabbed them.Save your fuel for something really good later on).When you have 3 of each its like having an upgraded one cheaper.I didnt feed my survivor for 3 days and she survived.
Also, if you have team members that have melee weapons, have them do the searching, so the team members with guns can more easy keep the infected at a distance.
If you do not have the storage to save the material then leave it on the ground!

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Discovery channel The Colony where they put people in this exact situation (aside from the zombies of course) but people building their own colonies with water collection and purification centers and storage facilities for water and food.When a new survivor joins your team, you get to choose which role they take.Shortly after building them then you need to build your food storage and water storage because you will be stocking up sooner than you know.This guy states this will keep the zombies moving around while you continue to pop off rounds and says if you have 3 Death Adder revolvers then the zombies will not even get close to you.The Last Stand: Dead Zone Classes.In the bottom right hand corner you see those arrows next to the zoom in and zoom out buttons ( and -) That will left you flip the angle so you can see on the other side of your compound.At the top of the screen that blue bar may be full and telling you that you are ready to take on a new survivor but only do it when you are ready.Make sure you build and upgrade the storage space roughly on equal levels, or youll waste a lot of resources that cant be stored.