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He turns out to be genuinely kind-hearted.
In the game 7 sins pc full version German version she was actually male, due to the fact that Akru was female in that version of the show.
Ganshum is not seen again after Mowgli helps Jumeirah and her family escape, but it can be presumed that he fled with the other villagers following the animal attack on the village.Mari's name is changed to Meshua (Jumeirah's original name in the Japanese variant) for the English dub.By the end of the series, she and Sura are the parents of two cubs, one of whom is given the name Rusty in the English dub.Kim/Dusty Sargah/Jocko - Two wolves whom end up in league with Grizzle and his cronies.These are the few international nations (probably as far as they are known to date) in which the series has been brought to DVD.Near the series' finale, Akela would pass away by the wounds sustained from jackals.Grizzle was the leader of a gang and accompanied by two other lupines, who were also his henchmen.To escape them, they jump into a river, then when they swim their way out of it, they're mauled to death by the wolves.

Hathi - The great elephant who serves as the ruler of the whole forest of Seeonee.Seeonee Wolf Pack - The Indian wolf pack that adopted Mowgli.She later becomes the official new leader of the pack and the first female leader of the pack when Akela steps down from his position once again, after originally asking Mowgli to convince Vermillion if he'd accept the request of leading.Bengali (India Hebrew ' Italian: Il libro della Giungla Brazilian Portuguese: Mogli: O Menino Lobo VHS and DVD releases edit In 1990, Strand VCI Entertainment released only the first seventeen episodes separately on VHS under the title of "The Jungle Book".He, along with several, other monkeys, harass Mowgli and demolish his hut under the order of Shere Khan.When her father attempts to whip Bagheera while Linda gives the cat milk, she defends him by shielding him and is slightly injured when he accidentally whips her instead, when she gets in the way.Following this encounter, the monkeys in league with Shere Khan flee whenever they see Mowgli, and they (or a similar band of monkeys) make their final appearance kidnapping Jumeirah, dropping her and fleeing when Mowgli comes to her rescue.Baloo - A purple sloth bear, and one of Mowgli's friends.Villains edit Shere Khan - A Bengal tiger who is the main antagonist of much of the series.Mowgli appears to be somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10 during the course of the show, though the first episode shows him as a toddler.Louis/Alba - A monkey largely covered with white fur (except for his face, hands and feet the leader of the other monkeys (who are mostly covered with apricot or peach-colored fur) and the principal lackey/tipster to Shere Khan.
Mowgli isn't sure whether he can trust him at first because of all the stories and reputation about humans, and their history with animals, but comes to accepting Bougi's offer to help when he heals him and gives him food.