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It wasnt great, magix xtreme photo graphic designer windows 7 it wasnt bad, it was just there.
As someone who enjoys a good build to a match, it was disappointing we werent getting one.
Nakamura reversed an Attitude Adjustment attempt into a back suplex and dropped Cena right on his head.USA Network, the first reaction a lot of people had to the news that Shinsuke Nakamura would face John Cena in a number one contenders match.But look at what happened during the post-match conversation: Nakamura apologizes, and Cena says dont be sorry.John Cena really is The Nicest Man on The Planet.WWE SmackDown was anger.It sounds sillyisnt it better that its on cable (not free) instead of on the WWE Network?Cena and Nakamura were just told theyd have a match, and so they had one.But, because of the status of the two wrestlers in the match, it was pretty watchable.And then John Cena got up, took Nakamuras Kinshasa finisher and was pinned in the center of the ring.And it was fine.And the ending was bonkers.
Why are they fighting on free TV?
But theres some sense in that question: There was zero build for the match.

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