the hare and the tortoise fable powerpoint

Fairy Control over Crops (Ireland).
Doctor Johann Faustus (Germany, abstracted from the Faust Chapbook of 1587).
The Lion, Wolf, and Fox (Jean de La Fontaine).Henny-Penny and Her Fellow Travelers (Scotland).The Bear Who Married a Woman (Tsimshian).The Choristers.The Luck of Edenhall (1).Dafydd Hiraddug and the Crow Barn (Wales, Elias Owen).The Dog and the Cock (Denmark).The Flood Story (Igorot).The Troll and the Bear (Denmark).The Fairy Flag of Dunraven Castle.The Oldenburg Horn (Germany, Hermann Hamelmann).The Man, the Serpent, and the Fox (Greece).A terrific resource for your classroom!Buzzard to Have a Bald Head (African-American).The Trolls Celebrate Christmas (Sweden, Benjamin Thorpe).
Tales of types 16Filippo Balducci and His Son (abstracted from The linear circuit analysis davis pdf Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio).
The Enchanted Pig (Romania).

The Transverse Flute (Germany, Carl and Theodor Colshorn).The Girl Who Was Killed by Jews (Germany).Folktales of type 505.The Crying Child (Poland).The Fable of the Ant and of the Sygalle Cigala, Grasshopper (Aesop, Caxton, 1484).The Jackal and the Farmer (North Africa, Kabyl).Wodan, with his unfailing magic, knows the right charm, and the horse is healed.The Wee Bunnock (Scotland Ayrshire).The Language of Animals (from The Jataka; or, Stories of the Buddha's Former Births ).
The Wee Bannock (Scotland Dumfriesshire).
Type 20C (formerly type 2033 The End of the World (The Sky Is Falling In).