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In this episode, I show ya a pocket inventory editor pro few neat programs for Terraria: Terraria Map Viewer - m/2011/05/terraria-map-viewer/ Terraria Map Editor (TEdit).
Third-Party Software, this page describes software not developed by Re-Logic.
You can open.wld,.bak, and.TEdit files.
The Simple Ore Generator plugin creates rings of whatever tile is currently selected (use the picky or pencil/brush tool to select the tile type) pretty abundantly throughtout your world below the surface level.Contents, a powerful map editor and viewer for Windows.Copy temporarily saves the selection you have (using the Selection Tool) to the Clipboard.You can make a permanent copy by exporting the selection as a schematic to use in other maps or even to send to other people.Similar to the other World Viewers, this creates a png map of a Terraria world.Enable Autosave is as it sounds; it turns on the autosave option.

Then click and drag the map file onto the executable.That is, if you have ore selected as your tile.Chests containing specific items.Pan and zoom maps with full game textures and lighting applied (textures require a local Terraria installation).Show Points can be toggled to show or hide points.Additional Licenses This code may use partial or whole code, images or other items from the following sources: Terrafirma Copyright (c) 2011, Sean Kasun All rights reserved.