sync 1password with dropbox

Hi, after testing 1Password a hawk and a hacksaw Beta for Windows, I now bought and installed 1Password Pro on my iPhone.
On the Mac, 1Password allows you to auto-fill passwords in a variety of browsers by using the magic key combination of command.
Tying 1Password into Dropbox like this is just one more reason to make use of 1Password.Unfortunatels, this did not happen and even afterwards I dont't find any settings to configure 1Password Pro to use DropBox.All you need to remember is the master password to unlock 1Password.On another Mac, open 1Password.On a Mac, you can keep a copy of a standalone vault updated in a folder you specify.Tap the "Dropbox" field then toggle the slider to enable Dropbox syncing.At this point you have a choice of convenience.Access your data on the web.Open 1Password Pro on your iOS device and tap the "More" icon, and then select "Settings".The choice is yours; for myself I decided to not to let 1Password remember the password and simply make do with manual syncing after all, it isn't like I need to sync daily.Its up to you to configure your preferred sync solution to keep that folder in sync with other computers.Finally, with 1Password Pro on iOS, you can use this same Dropbox-synchronized keychain file.Learn how to sync 1Password across all your devices: Macs, Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, ben ten action games and Android phones.Convenience and security can go hand-in-hand, if implemented correctly.With the latest version of 1Password Pro for iOS-based devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad you can now use Dropbox to synchronize the 1Password database from your Mac to your iOS device (previously you had to use a Wi-Fi sync which meant 1Password had.

Advanced sync options, if you dont want the benefits of a 1Password membership, you can use these third-party and advanced sync options: iCloud.If it shows the blue syncing badge, wait until it has completed.This Mac also needs to be connected to your Dropbox.This time, however, we will look at one application in particular: Agile Software's excellent 1Password.Published: Oct 28, 2017.Its only available on Mac and iOS, and only syncs your Primary vault.
You will need to provide the master password on your iOS device, and you can elect to have 1Password remember this password in the secure storage area of the device.