sql server reduce database file size

Occasionally, there will be a situation where an end user pulls a report while the ETL is running, thereby causing the ETL to fail.
In Percent, file Growth option for database files.
Your SQL Log File is basically your lifeline when it comes to recovering your database to a previous point in time.Thank you Please Mark As Answer if it is helpful.I just installed SQL Server pdf xchange viewer chip 2008 R2 a couple of days ago, on the first day use i can attach database(.mdf) with out any problem.Sqlstate 01000 (Message 22852). .Thank you as usual I have been testing the rebuild of many fragmented indexes on my database.Setting up a retention policy on the Backups (For Example 2 Weeks ) would help you to manage the size of the Log Files.Can anyone help me to get it done using powershell for sql?SQL Server 2008 SP3 is what I'm running.The filestream must be spread across multiple drive letters, and have multiple partitions on each drive, to facilitate file-restores within SLA.When the In Percent option on any database file, the file size is probably going to be very big.Or this will lead to index fragmentation.I have a list of servers names and i need to get the instance names in below format.
This causes performance degradation when new data pages are allocated on the fly during the file growth phase.
Use In Megabytes option for File Growth.

Truncating SQL Server Log Files.Is that mean memory is full on that server?Before rebuilding indexes, large portions of data had been removed (almost 26 million records).Perform a Shrink on the log files of all databases on the primary replica.(Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120) For help, click: buttons: OK in that day i reinstall SQL Server 2008 R2, because I'm so confused.Working on new project that have fresh windows and SQl Server Install on physical machine.Hi, I have a table kamasutra sex position book pdf where we did a compression the JPG that make up the LOB data.The check box is not actually sorting in tempdb?Thank you as always.I am testing ssis 2008, rebuild Index Task on a single database ( db1 ).
How should I cobble this up into Filegroups / Files?