spy fox in dry cereal walkthrough pc

Click on the fortune cookie in your inventory.
Press the yellow button.
Gameplay edit, the Spy Fox adventures retain the easy-to-use format of the other Humongous computer games, but unlike the others, the Spy Fox series introduces talk balloons.Buy the sailor's hat by using the drachmas.Set the date security update 2010-5 facetime and day of the week using the decoder.Pick up the rye bread and screwdriver.You will be back at the town square.Use the arrow buttons to set the time to 41 minutes after the Happy Hour starting time.Happy Hour 5-7 27 Minutes 5:27.Return to the dock.Live or Diode Edit Return to the locker room.Chase scene Edit Click on the red lever.A b " Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" for PC - GameRankings".Do the same for the X-ray gum.
Use the jump suit on SPY Fox.
Use the screwdriver on the toaster.

" Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" - Review - allgame".Click on one of the guards immediately after he turns to face the left.Try to enter through the double doors.Click on the green panel at left.Use the reference image if you need help.Archived from the original on December 11, 2014.What you need to do is use the Sal Talk Balloon on Bea Bear at the Cantina.The game has 2 million copies sold and received 20 Awards of Excellence.