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You can quickly capture images and video with a few keypresses, do all sorts of annotations, and quickly share them to the clipboard or the cloud.
Pages / Numbers / Keynote Formerly known as the iWork suite, these three applications will meet the business/professional needs of almost anyone.
Thats all there is.OmniFocus has a lot of features and is very powerful so it can be a bit intimidating to get up and running with it, but if you invest the time to learn how to use it, it will be time well spent.Tapes We are big on documentation here at Asian Efficiency, and we use Tapes often to record quick screencasts that are automatically uploaded to show others how to do certain tasks.It sounds really simple, aliens versus predator classic 2000 steam multiplayer but once you develop the mindset of watching for things you type repeatedly youll start to see hundreds of things that you can automate with TextExpander.The Mac app syncs with the iOS version, which is where this app really shines.Which browser you use is personal preference.It includes the standard commands like cut, copy and paste, but also has extensions that let you do a lot of different things (like formatting text or sending to OmniFocus).Theres a cliche that goes, Nobodys Perfect.A big theme at Asian Efficiency is our love of productivity apps.We use it ever day for our daily huddles here at Asian Efficiency, and its indispensable if you do podcasting of any kind.Did your favorite Mac application not make our list?You can send emails, post tweets, apply Markdown rules, etc.Screenflow Screenflow is an essential tool that we use when creating video course content (like the Dojo modules ).
Soulver This is one of those apps.

Where Clarify is different is its combination of screenshot capture/annotation ability with a document creation feature.Select Input Scrolling Auto Scroll Window.Open the program that you want to capture.You get a nice long article that you want to capture and print but oh no!Graphics Information Sharing Clarify At first glance, Clarify looks like just another screenshot markup utility.Moom allows you to quickly move and/or resize windows by either hovering your mouse over the green Maximize icon or by setting your own keyboard commands.#3: TextExpander, textExpander does exactly what it says on the tin expands text.Writing Ideas Byword I tend to do most of my writing in Ulysses (see below but Byword is a beautiful Markdown editor that is great for writing plain text that is not part of a larger project.It adds a wrapper to the Finders Save window which gives you quick access to open, recent, or favorite files and folders.