skyrim xbox 360 game save

Cure Disease Expert Cures any disease you are afflicted with, similar spell included in Midas Magic Weakness to Shock Expert Spell that account lockout tools windows 7 makes shock spells do more damage to a target.
Byte1 uint8 byte2 uint8.
Drain Health Adept A spell that drains 15 health per second cast on target.
Register or, signin to view external links.For example, the global variable "DragonsAbsorbed" (0x0001C0F2) becomes the bytes: 41.Static Destroyer Master A attack that unleashes a devastating continuous force wave of lightning upon your enemy.Overview, you may get an error message that resembles the following when you try to play a saved game on your Xbox console: saved game corrupted, on this page, topics.Static Volley Adept A sustained thunderbolt used to target down an enemy.Drain Stamina Adept A spell that drains 37 stamina per second cast on target.No Fall Damage 2500 Carry Weight per Level 2500 Health, can summon up to 99 creatures at once.The only drawback of this is the same as the other: the screenshot is swizzled, but it works.Terra Palm Apprentice A telekinetic earth attack that makes your enemies suddenly take damage.
A attack that sprays out icy storm to deal area damage.
UnknownTable3Offset uint32 Absolute offset to the start of File.unknown3TableSize.

Conjure Pet Rabbit Novice Summons a pet rabbit.Restore Stamina Apprentice A sustained spell that restores 20 Stamina per second held.Easy Access to developer Testing Room (see vid).1 Default (ie, came from m) 2 Created (ie, plugin index of 0xFF) 3?Conjure Centurion Expert Summons a centurion to fight for you for 45 sec.You can also Fortify Lockpicking, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing, and Speech by 20 for 30 sec, these cost a little more.You can Fortify Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and Restoration by 20 for 10 seconds.Drain Magicka Adept A spell that drains 15 magicka per second cast on target.Static Blast Expert A attack that unleashes a force wave of lightning on your enemy.Elemental Outburst Master A powerful offensive spell that does shock, fire, and frost damage.