simple project in electronics at low cost with circuits

The 5V DC is used by the transmitter and also fed to the receiver section by connecting CON2 to CON3.
For tens position it uses another CD4026 (IC4) and another similar 7-segment display (DIS2).
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It is built around CD4026 (decade counter and 7-segment driver in the same IC package).Construction and testing, a single-side PCB pattern for the transmitter section is shown in Fig.Bundle, print eBook 40 off easy cd-da extractor 16 cd key eBook 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 20 off 20 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 20 off 20 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off 30 off.After 99 the counter simply resets.Decade counter IC CD4026 or CD4033 (whichever is available) zend framework 2 manual can be used as counter-cum-display driver.6: Component layout for the PCB in Fig.3: PCB pattern of the transmitter circuit.Visitor counter circuit, the circuit diagram of the infrared (IR) transmitter unit for the visitor counter is shown in Fig.
The IR transmitter circuit is designed for commercial application.

For ones position it uses a CD4026 (IC3) and a 7-segment common-cathode display LT543 (DIS1).It comprises transformer X1, 1N4007 rectifier diodes D1 and D2, 1000F (25V) filter capacitor C1, 7805 (5V) voltage regulator, iC1, NE555 timer.Few things are as satisfying as when an electronic device you built yourself comes to life when you flip the "On" switch.This increases the number displayed in tens display by one.Those are for beginners.When you interrupt the frequency pulses, immediately the IR receiver (tsop1738) generates a clock pulse, which is fed to decade counter IC3 at its pin 1 (CLK).4: Component layout for the PCB in Fig.5 and its component layout in Fig.2: Receiver unit with 7 segment displays for the visitor counter.Tax/VAT will be calculated at check-out.Its NE555 timer can be wired as a one-shot or astable multivibrator.