shoot em up bone thugs

Going back to the mo, and it's Cleveland Cleveland, you child safety seat inspection stations know we thuggin' and thievin' thievin' There's somebody who got beef, we got millions to make A whole notha record For you see my niggaz we comin' with nothin to lose And bitch if you.
Now that you know like that.
I'm at the track in tha back with a couple of my cats in the hood.
Shoot 'em up always,.These niggaz wanna take my health, my wealth check yo self.Clair niggaz sell dope on it Police want to search you for nothin' but that skunk So it's on bitch bang Feel it bitch cause my trigga' fingaz a bitch Ho I be puttin em down with my click I stood em all, and still.Tha little nigga don't know betta, 357 put that ass in a matter.Cause then we give it to you, we're gonna bring it to you, oh yeah.
Tryin' to get in but they couldn't win.
Buck-buck, oh yeah, niggaz be gettin' they pistols finna, And fuck with tha real mothafuckas.

So me and tha rest of these thugs can marinate, marinate.You havin a party With that weed call of duty black ops 2 hacker goin up in ya body Smokers chill My niggaz they got me sloppy High oh so so high Come on come on don't be shy let's get high We got tha herb, if you want some, want some.Smokin' weed and up to no good.Ooh because we gonna put you back up in yo trunk quick.Slang that bud on over yo thug.And you can still find me where.Don't think on tha pimp, playa hatin'.Drop tha top, lock tha locks, cock tha glock, 'Bout ta hit this corna, Livin like a thugs on tha real who's stronga.We straight get high, so high.I'm flippin up outta my shit with some shit to be keepin' you wonderin' redrum bye-bye, and fo sure we lit em up good.
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