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In 1942, he presided over the Birbhum District Literature Conference and became the president of the Anti-Fascist Writers and Artists Association in Bengal.
And long ones, then any other author.
He was a member of Rajya Sabha between 196066.
Tarasankar will be remembered for his potential to work with the vast panorama of life where life is observed with care and the judgment is offered to the reader.Tarasankar's chief contribution to Bengal literature is that he dared writing unbiased.II (1962) Travelogue edit Moscow-te Koyek Din (1959) Essays edit Sahityer Satya (1961) Bharatbarsha O Chin (1963) Rabindranath O Banglar Palli (1971) Collected works edit Rachana Sangraha, Vol.Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay ( 1 14 September 1971) was one of the leading Bengali novelists.Sengupta, Subodh Chandra and Bose, Anjali (editors (1976/1998 Samsad Bangali Charitabhidhan (Biographical dictionary) Vol I, (in Bengali Kolkata: Sahitya Samsad, isbn, p 195 "Jnanpith Laureates Official listings".He was a member of the West Bengal Vidhan Parishad between 195260.His first novel Chaitali Ghurni was published on the same year.His novel 'Radha' can be set for an example in this context.He knows quite well the men and the nature of the part of the country he belongs to ( Birbhum district in West Bengal and his stories are always interesting.He wrote what he believed.In 1954, he took Diksha from his mother.
Tarasankar's novels, so to say, do not look back to the realism in rejection, but accepted it in a new way allowing the reader to breathe the truth of human relationship restricted so far by the conservative and hypocrisy of the then society.
He proved that sexual relation between man and women sometimes dominate to such an extent that it can take an upperhand over the prevailing laws and instructions of society.

Poetry edit Tripatra (1926) Novels edit Chaitali Ghurni (1928) Pashanpuri (1933) Nilkantha (1933) Raikamal (1935; The Eternal Lotus in English, 1945) Prem O Prayojon (1936) Aagun (1938) Dhatridebata (1939) Kalindi (1940) Ganadebata (1943) Panchagram (1944) temple run game for pc no Manvantar (1944) Kavi (1944) Bingsho Shatabdi (1945) Sandipan Pathshala (1946).Most of his early short stories were published in periodicals Bangasri and Prabasi.Makers of Indian Literature (2nd.).He could not complete his university course due to ill health and political activism.While studying in intermediate.In 1969, he was given the fellowship of Sahitya Akademi, in 1970 became the president of Bangiya Sahitya Parishad / Vangiya Sahitya Parishad.His historical novel Ganna Begum is an attempt worth mentioning for its traditional values.
Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay is grouped with those writers of the third decades of the twentieth centuries who broke the poetic tradition in novels but took to writing prose with the world around them adding romance to human relationship breaking songs of the cat garrison keillor the indifference of the so-called conservative people.