seagate expansion portable hard drive vs backup plus

We can also see the difference in their dimensions.
The another important difference between these two hard disks is about warranty period.
Confidently make your purchase decision by looking for eBay top-rated sellers who excel at shipping products promptly, earning positive feedback from buyers, and satisfying their customers.And the size of Seagate Expansion is Data Transfer Rate 640 Mbps;60 Mbps;480 Mbps 640 Mbps;60 Mbps Hard Drives Enclosure External External Seagate Expansion The Expansion sports a 320 GB to 4 TB storage capacity, allowing you to save your entire family's favorite games and song titles.Go for whichever is the cheapest.Both of these hard disks support USB.0 connectivity and both of them do not need external power supply.Also, you can rapidly read and write important data thanks to the Backup Plus' 640 Mbps external data transfer rate.The Seagate backup also plus comes with a two year subscription to one drive which is an online cloud storage account which you probably dont need either.Its USB.0 interface enables you to hook up to all types of compatible devices.Features, seagate Expansion, seagate Backup Plus, height.04.;4.5.;1.6.;1.57.;1.52.;1.5.;1.1.;0.71.;0.7.;0.69.With free shipping, you'll have savings left over).The weight of Seagate Backup Plus class 12 cbse projects is 224g, where Seagate Expansion is 270g.They find a wide range of designs to ponder and each model has its own merits.The Expansion has much to recommend it, while the Backup Plus also distinguishes itself.In any case, you can't go wrong with either model.Backup Plus, buffer Size 8 MB;64 MB;16 MB, not Specified.Seagate, seagate, weight.74 lbs;2.73 lbs;2.25 lbs;2.2 lbs;2.06 lbs;0.68 lbs;0.59 lbs;0.35 lbs.38 lbs;0.44 lbs, model, expansion.
Take a look at the circuit boards in the drive case: The top board is from the Seagate Expansion, the bottom board is from the Seagate Backup Plus.
Seagate backup plus is partitioned into two separate partitions, one comes with some backup software called Lyve which you probably dont need.

Seagate Backup Plus The Backup Plus has a 500 GB to 4 TB storage capacity, so you can preserve all your prized tunes and multimedia files.What's more, the Expansion boasts a 640 Mbps external data transfer rate, so you can enjoy fast access to big data.The backup software makes it easy to backup all your data online and offline on your hard disk.Seagate Backup Plus are both suitable for technology enthusiasts and telecommuters alike.Many consumers recognize that choosing hard drives is frequently a chore.The Seagate Expansion and.Use it with a variety of devices that support USB thanks to its USB.0 interface.The Backup Plus has 3 years warranty period, where the expansion offers 2 years warranty period.Seagate Expansion do not come with this backup software.
They have the same hard disk inside but that doesnt mean that there are no differences at all.
These are portable hard disks.