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This trope is somewhat in effect in "The Dream".
Buy It Now, free Shipping 27 watching 73 sold, collected from Folklore and Retold by Alvin Schwartz More Tales to Chill Your Bones (Book 3).
Not hungry, you finish.
"Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: ala.Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane : Part of the law and order svu season 13 episode 1 setting for "Such Things Happen." Mundane Ghost Story : "The Girl Who Stood on a Grave "High Beams "The Babysitter and possibly "The White Wolf".The story ends with Rupert screaming after stepping on a nail in his barefeet and we never find out what was making noise in the titular attic.Both women that that the narrators of "The Wreck" and "The Bus Stop" pick.Bowdlerise : The new Brett Helquist illustrations are far tamer than Gammell's.The second book's end portion had a comedic collection of the supernatural.Thriftbooks is the nam.Well, it's really "Face Full Of Spider Wing Wong but it still applies.Film adaptation edit In 2013, CBS Films acquired the rights to the Alvin Schwartz 's children's book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, with the intent of producing it as a potential feature film.Disproportionate Retribution below for details.Scary civil war computer games Stories To Tell In The Dark Box Set Of 3 Books Alvin Schwartz Halloween.97 Buy It Now Free Shipping 61 watching 75 sold Scary Stories Box Set: Scary Stories, More Scary Stories, and Scary Stories.Asshole Victim : Several examples, namely the husband in "Just Delicious".Fleming Jr, Mike (January 14, 2016).They manage to reduce her into a nervous wreck instead.The truck driver in "High Beams" is a straight example.
Death by Despair : "Cold as Clay".

Pet the Dog : George actually gets one in "Just Delicious!".While it's true that she tried to ruin the protagonist's life with her spells, she only sofia the first episodes did because he accidentally killed her cat, the only friend she had in the world.Adoring the Pests : Subverted in "Sam's New Pet." After the family found out what it really was, it's unlikely they kept.Or is it the dog?Hangs around the town and people seem more annoyed by him than anything else.3 Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones September 1, isbn The third and final book contains 25 stories, including "The Appointment "Harold "The Dead Hand "The Dream "Sam's New Pet " The Red Spot "No, Thanks "Is Something Wrong?Downer Ending : Quite a few stories.The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You : What makes the illustration for "The Haunted House" so terrifying, as pointed out here.Scary Stories and, more Scary Stories in new editions with considerably less unnerving artwork by Brett Helquist (best known for his work.It's too bad that it comes at an inopportune moment.Covers Always Lie : The Brett Helquist drawn cover of More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark features an illustration of "A New Horse which doesn't show up in that book; it's in the first one.
Dark Is Not Evil : The strange woman in "The Dream" as well as (presumably) the creature from "Is Something Wrong?".
Of course, there are plenty of mistakes in those lists.