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When this happens I usually save to a new save file and restart the game.
81.47 kb 34: The Hourglass -.48 kb 35: The Tomb -.57 kb 36: Farah, come back!
A small number of our videos may not play correctly in Firefox.Checkpoints 1: The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults -.62 kb 2: You have unleashed the sands of time -.94 kb 3: Had I really seen her?65.36 kb 28: The Hall of Learning -.44 kb 29: Observatory -.46 kb 30: Hall of Learning Courtyards -.49 kb 31: On the Ramparts -.48 kb 32: A Prisoner Seeking an Escape -.44.Please contact us if you have difficulty playing any videos.This tightening of security helps prevent malware from infecting program files, therefore making the overall operating system more secure.Many older games will not show an error message if a save game could not be created and will simply carry on as if nothing was wrong, so make sure to check onerepublic counting stars dubstep for this problem to avoid disappointment in future gameplay sessions!PC Savegames.7 - All Rights Reserved.If youre playing an older game and you find that you cannot save your progress, you should try changing the permissions on the games folder.Hi everyone, now anyone where i can find the the savegame folder?Back to Home Page, related.The location on the.These folders are, of course, where programs are normally stored.Older games, in particular, will try to write save game data into their installation folder.
Additional notes, when playing older games, we recommend that you check that save files are working as soon as possible.
So far I haven't lost any progress.

No reason not to save often.If for no other reason that I sometimes stumble into an npc, situation, or boss that I don't want to deal with and there's not always an autosave or dialog save to rely.I have 111 saves now and it's taking less than 70 meg.The video tutorial below will show you how.To start the video presentation, please click on the picture below once the play icon appears.Would you mind whitelisting us?Usually it's red blocks over items in my inventory or the toolbar.That's pocket change these days.i like to throw in a manual save now and again (that I don't reuse) just to be safe.However, many older or simply badly designed programs will assume that they can write files or information within their installation directory.One of these changes was a tightening of security permissions.
I will take my savegame to a another pc but the social club dont save my single player data and i must beginn from new.