sap general ledger process overview

How to create a new Chart of Accounts?
The SAP FI General Ledger has the following features: Free choice of level: corporate group or company Automatic and simultaneous posting of all sub-ledger items in the appropriate general ledger accounts (reconciliation accounts) Simultaneous updating of general ledger and cost accounting areas Real-time evaluation.
If the lines of the down payment were entered on explicited billing items in a proportion different from the invoice, zero balance clearing lines are created on the final invoice because Customizing does not permit any other splitting.
You post this down payment.For the definition of a constant refer to: Constant definition.Create GL Line items and balance carry forward for all GL accounts not managed on an open item basis.What are the Month End Closing Activities in Finance.When either the rule-based split functionality, inheritance or setting a standard account assignment (constant) in non-assigned lines is being processed in order to derive the account assignment values, the complete assignment string (defined in customizing and recorded in table fagl_split_field) will be considered to provide.It is a tree structure which contains all profit centers in a controlling area and reflects the organizational structure used in Profit Center Accounting.Line can also lead to documents involved in the process flow.Can change documents that have already been posted.Refer to: Document types classification for document split and Business transaction and business transaction variant Item category: The item category characterizes the items of an accounting document.General Ledger Account Currency ul li The currency for a GL account is specified in the company code screen system updates the account balances in the same currency in which the account is posted can be made in any currency, travelmate 5720 drivers win7 but SAP only displays balances.Notes released for specific country versions.
Solution This note gives you a rough guide of the options you have when you transfer legacy data.
For the documents posted with the standard business transaction variant 0300 / 0001 at least one vendor line is obligatory.

If an Indian Company is registered in US Stock Exchange, it has to Submit Reports to Stock Exchange according to the Financial Year there in US (i.e., Jan to Dec).As a result, reconciliation tasks, for example, between the general ledger and Profit Center Accounting or the consolidation staging ledger, and processing steps that have to be carried out repeatedly in the individual applications (for example, balance carry forward are no longer required.You can then carry out the migration from the classic G/L accounting to the new G/L accounting within the framework of a project.And Exercise the work instruction Enter and Park G/L Account Document for Ledger Group to complete the exercise scenario on the system.These invoices are regarded as the open items because at this point the corresponding payment has not been received.Controlling Controlling capital Profit Center Accounting Profit Center Accounting HR 17, secondary cost elements.Sales Distribution Financial Accounting MM CO Materials Mgmt.HR 32 Mass Reversal of Documents Mass Reversal Procedure Many documents may be reversed at the same time, Process may be scheduled to be performed in the background.National product specifications may vary.
Chart of accounts area (General Data).