saltwater fish species pictures

Spanish Mackerel are aggressive feeders preferring shrimp, squid and small fish.
FWC encourages anglers and divers to eradicate any lionfish you encounter.
The filefish can change shades according to their surroundings or other stimuli.Sea Trout feed on squid, peeler crabs, shrimp, live spot or other live bait, so a chum mix of their favorite food is best.Many fish dine on crabs, so a chum mix with crushed crab makes for an excellent attractant.Remarks: this includes the fish's life history (if known behavior, and feeding habits.The Bonito is in the Tuna family and is not commonly eaten in Florida due to it's size which is 4 to 15 pounds.Tuna, Albacore Albacore Tuna is an offshore schooling fish found in the open tropical and temperate oceans.The average weight is 1 to 3 pounds, but they have been recorded at 14 pounds and can grow to 30 inches.Snapper, Mahogany The Mahogany Snapper is rare and usually found in the Bahamas and Caribbean, but sometimes in the Keys and South Florida.Image courtesy of Bouncers Dusky 33 - Miami Beach Pompano, African The African Pompano is also know as Pennant-Fish and Threadfin Trevally, Cuban Jack, Atlantic Threadfin, Pennantfish, Threadfin Mirrorfish, and Trevally.Use cut up Threadfin for chunk chumming or grind them up for an excellent chum.You can also use Skates for bait, Sharks love them.Rock crabs are very dark in color, nearly black or a dark gray in color.
This fish pounces on jigs readily.
They feed on algae, small crustaceans, and detritus.

The Red Porgy in this picture was caught off Naples during the winter in 125 of water on a wreck while bottom fishing.This fish is not good table fare with dry thin meat.Photo Courtesy of mbara Sailfish, Atlantic Atlantic sailfish can be found near schools of bait fish in areas where there is a temperature changes.Lesser Amberjack feed on fish and squid.To use Sardines as bait first twist the center of the body to open up the fish, this allows other small fish to come and nibble on the sardine and attract the larger fish to the commotion.This Pomfret is usually caught as by catch with little know about them.Squid live at the bottom of the sea during the day and propel upwards at night.To learn more visit register plus redux plugin Florida Sea Grant.
Grouper, Coney (Cephalopholis fulva) The Coney is a small, colorful Grouper that is found in the warm waters of southern Florida, mostly the Atlantic coast, usually hiding in holes on coral reefs waiting to ambush it's prey.