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QuickVoice PRO is the iPhone's premier recorder with SpinVox for sending text emails using just voice and a few Typing Required!
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QuickVoice now features a built-in ringtone recording feature so you can produce your frank miller the dark knight returns pdf own high quality ringtones for free.I really want the company to provide a way to download the records.wmv,.mp3, or any other audio file type!Among other things, the iPhone and the iPod touch make for half-decent digital recorders.QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder) app good for.Nobody wants to do that.Record and Send: You can record messages in QuickVoice2Text, and the app will convert that audio into e-mail text.Login or register, first, want to write a review about this App?Use recordings of your music, friends and family, or sound effects then assign different tones to different contacts.Voici le mail reçu Were sorry but the SpinVox voice-to-text server was not able to convert your message to text.App704 rating : 0 (0 votes).Customers only until we work out logistics for other countries).The app offers four recording quality settings, which you can adjust in your devices settings menu, ranging from 8 kHz (for small file sizes).1 kHz, which the app calls CD quality and which may even be true if you plug in a good.But the core feature and the chief selling point of QuickVoice2Text is the translation function, and that is as limited as it gets.You e-mail the sound and it arrives translatedperhaps accurately, often inaccurately.
QuickVoice2Text is an excellent recorder capable of capturing high-quality sound for long periods of time.
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SpinVox, which is the voice-to-text translation software that QuickVoice2Text employs, is not.Visit our website to view demo videos of "QuickVoice2Text Email.".The e-mails I sent to myself from QuickVoice2Text required five minutes or more to rematerialize in my mailbox.The wait might have been worth it if the results hadnt been so disappointing.I like it, thanks!But the results are surprisinglyand distressinglyhit-and-miss.12-Hour Sale at Just.99!I cannot get them back!Apple rating :.5 (544 votes).Maybe somebody is screening.You can use QuickVoice Sync to extract large record data if you dont encrypt your backup.
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