quicken for windows 10

Most people looking for Quicken for windows 10 downloaded: Quicken, download.7 on 41 votes, quicken shows your personal finance information, including your bank and credit card accounts, in one place.
I've tried compatibility settings to no avail.
Here's what I did.I can run it in a Windows 7 VM on VirtualBox, if I have to, but I'd rather not incur the overhead.Details: Home Business 2016; Release.Put the Windows 2000 installation disc into your cd drive, Use file explorer to browse to that drive, (probably drive d Right click on drive D, select open.Hope that helps others who are still using Quicken UK software.This successful installation was on a Dell 64bit based laptop, that originated as a Windows 7 home edition.I got my Quicken Deluxe 2000 (UK version) to work with Windows.Originally Posted by, aidan, i have managed to install Quicken 2004 Disc 2 on Windows 10, and loaded data onto it, however when I try to back up to a memory stick the whole system freezes and becomes unresponsive.The only issue I can see is similar to running Quicken 2000 in windows 7 xp mode, the home page doesn't load properly.With Windows 7, it worked provided you picked the win95 folder and ran the setup in there, rather than the root install.Double click on the win95 folder, that will now show you files within the win95 folder.However, this approach just results in a hung instance of setup.I have discovered, though, that the blank home screen only happens when I expand the window too far.I just ran the update from the Help menu (to Release 8) and the pop-up is still there.The instructions provided don't match my available options in Win10.

Presumably because it was a 32 bit, rather than a 16 bit installer.My "Home" page in Quicken is essentially blank with a couple of empty panes on the left.Quicken 98 installs fine on Windows 7; not Windows 10 however.If I don't maximize on my large display, then it looks fine, or if I maximize it on my laptop display, it's fine.Exe in Windows 10, whether run as administrator or not.42 people were helped by this reply).I restored my accounts data from a back up file successfully.
Other than "use more modern software please.