qtp 9.2 tutorial pdf

The Active Screen to select the field on which the checkpoint will be added.
This is valid for 30 days, which if you work hard should be enough for you to get a good hold on basics.
It works: We backed up files withdeleted the originals, and successfully restored them from 's backup - all with a few clicks.Of Programmatic descriptions We can list the set of properties and values that describe the object directly in a test statement.Recall this window by selecting Automation Record and Run settings.Automation Fundamental Concepts ul li What is Test Automation?Delete an Action ul li Because reusable actions can be used throughout your test or test set, when you delete an you must decide to delete a specific occurrence of the action and/or all of its calls.Can modify an action name, add or modify an action description, and set an action as reusable.
Object Repository Merging tool Secondary Repository Primary Repository.

Each step consists of: object method (operation) method property (a value for the action performed on the object) should be running before the application under test is invoked.Object logical names using the Keyword View.Use the lego icon on the toolbar to insert new action.Test Automation is the process of automating the steps of manual test cases using an automation tool Or utility to shorten the testing life cycle with respect battlefield 2 crack tpb to time application undergoes regression, some of the steps might be missed out or skipped which can.QTP - Main Window.Practice with the demo applications provided.On the Action label in the Keyword View, and choose Action Call Properties from the list provided.
Quick Test Professional -Tools Options General on Restore Layout button to reset screens to the initial setting when QuickTest was first installed.