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You should handle this as suggestion because in most cases you have to rework.
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The Plugin Mainpage - Rescan PHP Source Files After you have added your new language you will need the text phrases to be able to translate something.Dont forget to set the output raster file, and make sure that the target SRS matches the CRS (epsg 26917) you chose earlier.Once you click OK, you have your first control point: We can add the rest one by one.This translation capability has the origin at the gettext functionality which currently been used across a wide range of open source projects.Resampling Method : This controls how the output pixels are calculated.Hint: Because sometimes the question appears, that plugins or themes doesnt get detected as translatable, this often caused be the fact, that they use variables as textdomain specifier.I have so many projects in the wild on WP that I will never touch again.You want to have the highest zoom that the maps still clear, as the accuracy of your final map depends on how well you placed control points.If you choose the entry, you will get the complete overview about all components of your WordPress installation, that are gettext ready or having already language files on board.This process can take some seconds upto minutes, depending on your connection speed and the count of files to be processed.All read-only files can be turned into read-write access, if you click at the red symbol.The presentation of this implementation as an experiment that works for now (but would not be shipped) comes as a surprise after Gutenberg.5 arrived with the announcement that this release includes long awaited meta-boxes support (needs testing!).The occuring dialog lets you choose your new language but will skip those already existing for the target component.Thatswhy please contact me by email, but keep in mind, that response may take some time.
The translation results can be controlled immediately using a second browser tab containing the target page.

GeoGratis has a bunch of good data sources, and they are free to use.Image credit: Kevin Hoffman, generally speaking, iframes have been discouraged in web development for many years for reasons that are well-documented, Hoffman said, before citing a litany of issues that plugin developers have already discovered in testing Gutenbergs meta box support.The basics of this system are documented.Thin Plate Spline will distort your map locally to match GCPs; this can work well if your maps a bit vernacular, but if your control points are wrong, your map will end up hilariously melty.Note that jpeg is lossy, and will lose some detail.If you know the coordinates, you can enter them in the boxes.What that allows you to do is convert screen pixels to a map of an area.