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She understands the needs of children with HI from the inside out.
CSI Glucagon for treatment of severe, persistent hypoglycemia Xeris Pharmaceuticals gave a presenation on the use of CSI (Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion) Glucagon for treatment of severe hypoglycemia.Click on the image at left or click here for the PDF.Feeding Issues: An experienced parents perspective, 15 years later.Future Therapies in the Treatment of Diabetes: Islet Transplantation A presentation by Michael.Hyperinsulinism Genetics, a presentation by Sian Ellard, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Professor of Genomic Medicine at the University of Exeter Medical School.
Towards more tolerable therapy for CHI.
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D., and Lydia Aguilar-Bryan, MD,.Transition to Adulthood Symme Trachtenberg, MSW, LSW, Director, and Community Education from The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia presents this discussion regarding skills for transition, resources, and programs for those who are entering adulthood with congenital hyperinsulinism.Presentations from Segrate, 2013: Hyperinsulinism Devices Adrienne Burton offers her presentation on devices, including pumps, CGM, G tube, Glucometers, and Closed Loop.The Role of Patient Organizations in Advocacy Mary Dunkle, Vice President of nord (The National Organization for Rare Disorders presented on how families dealing with a rare chronic illness can work with patient organizations to advocate on behalf of people living with the condition.Surgery in Congenital Hyperinsulinism less may be more Winfried Barthlen gives a presentation on surgery neoragex for windows xp for congenital hyperinsulinism with the argument that less may be more.Our son Max: A Profile.Stanley, MD, from the Endocrinology Division of The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.The Childrens Hyperinsulinism Fund Adrienne Burton offers her presentation on the history of The Childrens Hyperinsulinism Fund.