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For an optically pumped laser, the definition of threshold pump power may be based either on the incident or absorbed pump power.
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One particular instance is when an electric dipole experiences a rotational force from an electric field.See also: laser threshold, pump parameter, lasers, thresholdless lasers, optical parametric oscillators, optical parametric generators, Spotlight article and other articles in the categories lasers, nonlinear optics How do you rate this article?Advertisers: Make sure to have your products displayed here!O svém pracoviti (svch pracovitích).Pokud chce nkdo porovnat tyto dv hodnoty h-indexu, musí rok 1996 1m sub circuit board emulator vzít v úvahu také ve Web of Science.This calculator is designed to convert between torque units.Vyuijte: Pomcky a nástroje pro práci s bibliografickmi citacemi.Profit from the knowledge and experience of a top expert!Help Web of Science k h-indexu : Moreover, the calculation only includes items in your product database - books and articles in non-covered journals are not included.

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