port royale 2 trainer 1.1 2.3

Such as you star wars battlefront game ps4 have Galeone ship, change the agil, crew,vmax etc.
For example what I used for liniens ships.
Guns means how many Cannon can you load, etc.GSpT game god of war 3 for pc windows 7 means only ships costs not other ch as captain's payment.Find the position: 5619.Cpr" file with cheatbook database's hex editor.Vmax is the ship's max speed.
You have to change the number of that ship you own.
There's the changeable numbers here.

For trade best is 20, For artifact finding, place higher value here.Vmin 12, vmax 18, gSpT 0, guns 250.Vmin is the ship's min speed.Wert 200, crew means how many crew can you load.Crew 200, heal 130, fass 85, tief.Do the same as Vmax, but in for war ship use lower value here.You will see 5B50494E415353455D pinasse.Ctrl A - Enable Unlimited Money.'Cause everything that you thought I would.