phpmyadmin ubuntu default url

(Note, however, that installation from a package manager often does not work).
D/apache2 restart 6) Let's go test.
For ubuntu (i used ubuntu.04 the default phpmyadmin apache configuration can be found at /etc/phpmyadmin/nf.
Also, you'll need to roxio creator 2012 crack have.Code: Select all nano /etc/phpmyadmin/nf 3) Find this line, should be at the top: Code: Select all, alias /phpmyadmin /usr/share/phpmyadmin 4) Change /phpmyadmin to anything!To use it, you'll need to install and configure Apache, PHP, and the PHP MySQL (or mysqli) extension.To install it from source, open the console and cd to the www directory using: cd /var/www then download it using svn by writing: sudo svn checkout phpMyAdmin, then cd to phpMyAdmin: cd phpMyAdmin.We need to do this in two areas, admin and user folders.Once phpMyAdmin is installed point your browser to http localhost/phpmyadmin to start using.

PhpMyAdmin is a very popular MySQL management software package.Alias., on CentOS/rhel and Fedora # vi /etc/httpd/nf, on Debian and Ubuntu # /etc/phpmyadmin/nf, then add a new one as follows: # Alias /phpmyadmin /usr/share/phpmyadmin, alias /my /usr/share/phpmyadmin.See, installingSoftware for detailed instructions on using repositories and package managers.Ubuntu lamp phpmyadmin localhost up vote 0 down vote, if you are trying to open http localhost/phpmyadmin/ and getting 404 Error then follow steps.You should be able to login using any users you've setup in MySQL.To redo the installation run the following: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow phpmyadmin, then select Apache 2 for the webserver you wish to configure.Since Ubuntu.10 (Saucy Salamander Apache no longer loads configuration files from the /etc/apache2/conf.1) Connect to your server root access (SSH) 2) Open the.This is not recommended for a production web server.Lamp or, lEMP setup with PhpMyAdmin installed on your system, if not, then follow.