pc clean install windows xp

Press ESC to bypass the repair and install a fresh copy.
The answer is probably no to all those questions, except the last one.
That's not the point of all this.Belarc chrome app launcher keyboard shortcut Advisor via, nicholas Roussos does a nicer job than Device Manager.You will have to reinstall all the programs/apps that you use as they integrate themselves into the Windows registry and are not moveable from one Windows installation to another so be learn sap abap in 21 days pdf sure to save the program installers and the product activation keys where applicable.Press the requested key to agree to the license.You are completely fine with all data (documents, pictures, videos) completely gone from your computer.Select the drive and hit enter to install XP!Take a deep breath, and say goodbye to everything on your C: drive.Step through the Windows installation.Audit your current PC setup.

Is this document intended for you?You will be prompted for Windows Activation.Hit ESC to continue installing.Add New Question, what if I don't have a product key?Correct it if necessary and click Next and Setup will continue.Check to see that all hardware has been detected and is working.And the setup procedure starts copying files.Belarc will create a report detailing your system, its installed hardware components, software applications and serial numbers.A firewall is good, but not required - as XP SP2 already comes with one.After I upgraded my PC and reinstalled Windows, the amount of used space on my C: drive was about half the size it was before I started, as was the size of my Windows registry.