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When due to jealousy in love, Magus used magic to interfere with someones free will.
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So here comes Brida a book that promises to explore Occult and Soulmate theory.Thats why Brida is a interesting character, because being honest to your soul is troublesome for any.Hate to say it, but Brida is just a good read.Exile- maanpako, pakolainen.At one point I just wanted to forget about reading the book.It still disappoints me that theres nothing paranormal in the book.Being a witch is her Gift.As all teachers know that almost all human beings have a gift.This intrigued me for a while, but I decided I was ready to move onto another book about the time Wicca informs Brida that the only way to truly connect with God was to have an intense orgasm.

Despite conflicting emotions, Magus agrees to teach Brida about the craft, but only if she passes a test.But wait, its not that easy, as per the book, you might end up meeting more than one Soulmate in life.Sounds like something that applies.Is it too much to ask for a nice witch story?Brida learn to notice simple miracles in the System and that way give herself up to sensibleness.Also Magus needs Brida around to help him do atonement for a mistake he committed a long time ago.The whole story solidify to finding our soul mate.But lightning has not struck twice.Subsequent- myöhempi, seuraava.
As Brida seeks her destiny, she struggles to find a balance between her relationships and her desire to transform herself.