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As they were identical to regular stormtroopers in appearance, they were occasionally used to infiltrate standard units of stormtroopers to ensure that assigned tasks were properly accomplished.
27 Though the Empire of the Hand failed to achieve the same kind of longevity as the Imperial Remnant, stormtroopers continued to retain their services under the Remnant, which itself had begun adopting many of the Hand's political and military reforms.
As the stormtroopers were an evolution of the clone troopers, so too was their armor inspired by its Phase II precursor biology unit 2 revision aqa gcse from the Clone Wars.
By the end of the.60 Assault troopers : Stormtroopers who wore standard white armor with yellow markings.3 The stormtrooper commanders were separate from the regular officers in the Stormtrooper Corps.In their capacity as enforcers of the Empire, stormtroopers were also trained to completely support and uphold the ideals of the New Order.By 0 BBY, roughly one-third of the stormtroopers were clones based on the Fett template, while recruits steadily became the majority within the Stormtrooper Corps.Crowd Control Stormtroopers : Stormtroopers equipped and trained for combating civilian uprisings.
1 According to Drutch in her memoirs, the reason there were few female members had very little to do with any prejudice against females, as she noted that there weren't any female genetic templates, and that the stormtrooper physical regimen was brutal enough that females.

In battle, commissioned stormtrooper officers wore standard armor with rank insignia to indicate status.When it was first formed during the rise of the Galactic Empire, stormtrooper squads had 8 troopers, including a sergeant and a corporal, platoons had 32 troopers (four squads) and were led by a lieutenant and a sergeant-major, companies usually encompassed 128 troopers (four platoons).In Empire 36: The Wrong Side of the War, Part 1, following the Imperial assault on Jabiim, Janek Sunber checks his surviving troops.Although the stormtroopers and the Sith both suffered their fair share of casualties in a direct attack on the Jedi Academy, the Jedi were ultimately overwhelmed by the enemy's numbers; the survivors had no choice other than to retreat and escape into hiding.Other than a few cosmetic alterations, the armor was reportedly designed to better protect soldiers from blaster fire, thus reducing the risk of sustaining severe or fatal injuries.However, many aspects of the branch of service, such as their unwavering obedience to the Emperor, their reputation for excessive force, and their status as an independent element separate from the overall army bears some similarity to the Waffen-SS or "Armed SS" units that served.They wore a standard helmet and swimming shorts, and could be found resting in hot tubs throughout some levels.The stormtroopers' additional weapons included the DLT-20A blaster rifles, 50 T-21 light repeating blasters, 3 T-28 repeating sniper rifles, 41 and Imperial Heavy Repeaters.As the Clone Wars reached its end, the clone trooper veterans that defended the Old Republic emerged as the feared enforcers of the New Order.George Lucas, when composing background information for licensees in 1977, stated that females did exist in the Stormtrooper Corps, although there were few stationed on the Death Star.The uniform worn by a Stormtrooper officer was identified as being black-colored tunics and caps.