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Far cry from something a thing which is very different from some- thing else.
Shes reported her stepmother to the police for shop-lifting.
Ddaily dozen physical exercises done every day.Well just have to forgive and forget.Chapter of accidents a series of misfortunes.It was a fine hotel.The young assistant gets to work very early.Theyre not engaged any more.Chance ones arm to do something risky or dangerous.We are all sorry that hes dead.After Tom was robbed, he was afraid of his own shadow.Im afraid Im coming down with a cold.Dont say youll visit your grandmother if you cant.Bill foamed at the mouth in sheer rage.We didnt know you ran marathons!If you give me two pounds, Ill have enough to do the trick.
By fits and starts irregularly; unevenly; with much stopping and starting.
(Refers to the front harcourt spelling practice book grade 5 and back ends of a ship.

The Free Dictionary's Idioms dictionary is the largest collection of English idioms and slang in the world.Bush telegraph the informal, usually rapid spreading of news or information by word of mouth.(Informal.) Buy some more of those plums.Do someone proud to treat someone generously.The baby adapted to the feeding-bottle as a duck takes to water.She was reading a book about the emancipation of women.